I Can See the Lights of Home!!!

Here it is Wednesday morning and I am just now sitting down to try to put into words the service we had at Linney’s Grove Sunday morning.  I have thought long and hard about what to say, and I still can’t think of anything.  I have been preaching a series of messages out of Nehemiah chapters 8-9 entitled “The Necessity of Biblical Worship.”  I have discussed the Actions and Attitudes that are necessary if churches today are going to have a biblically sound worship service, and Lord willing this Sunday, I will preach on the Outcomes that stem from biblical worship.  Those verses don’t discuss styles or preferences, just basic truths that we must use as a foundation.  In the service Sunday no one was saved and no one ran the isles or jumped pews. But after the invitation was sung and some were testifying, it was suggested that we sing “Amazing Grace.”  You may be thinking; “Gee, that sure is original, what makes that song so special?”  The second word of that song is what makes it so special…  GRACE!!!!!  I have heard that word defined in so many ways but probably the best way is “any move of God toward man.”  We began to sing about how God’s Grace found us, saved us, keeps us, and assures us of a home in heaven, and then it happened!  We worshiped!  No lights flashing, no dramatic altar call, and no worked up emotional response.  Just God’s people humbled by the Holy Spirit, realizing what Grace has done for us, and praising the One who made it all possible.  No matter how many times it is sung, God’s Grace is still amazing!!!  Thankful that God met with a bunch of sinners saved by Grace Sunday morning as unworthy as we were.  I would love to write more, but I still can’t find the words.  I have been in many great services at churches all over.  I have seen souls be saved, even seen isles run and hundreds shout, but Sunday was different.  God is doing something big in that little church on the side of Sulphur Springs Road, and I am thankful to be where He is working.  I pray that God would continue to humble us that we may worship Him in spirit and in truth.  Sunday we didn’t just sing the songs, we felt them too!  As the song says; “I can see the lights of home, I can see Him on His throne, I’m to near to turn back now, PRAISE THE LORD I’M HEAVEN BOUND, When my journey here shall end, I’ll say goodbye to this world of sin, In that fair land, I’ll take my stand, It’s good to be on this road for Glory Land.”  Glad I know Him, glad He knows me.


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